Oolitic Aragonite - Calcium Carbonate Mineral Sand

Sustainably Harvested in The Bahamas

One benefit of oolitic sand is that because it is continuously forming, the resource can be considered sustainable and renewable. Recent tests completed on aragonite by the USDA Certified Biobased Testing Laboratory at Iowa State University indicated that 62% of the carbon in the sample was fixed in the last 3 to 5 years.

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Flying high above the island nation of The Bahamas, one will see golden-white dunes that appear just beneath the clear blue waters. 

Once referred to in the Bahamas as “White Gold” and “Aragonite”, what is actually under the water is a calcium carbonate mineral sand. 

In certain isolated locations what appears to be white sand is actually a near pure calcium carbonate mineral known as Oolitic Aragonite.

Nearly 100% pure, Oolitic Aragonite has only small traces of other elements.

The mineral possesses many unique properties which make it a superior source of calcium carbonate

The grains are oolitic (egg-shaped), smooth and near white in color. 

The fact that it is dustless, non-toxic and easy to handle, combined with its chemical purity, size, and consistent grain size provides numerous advantages to the end-user.