Throughout the Bahamas more than 300 million metric tons of oolitic sand naturally accumulates per year


Another advantage Pisa can bring to the end user is access to multiple oolitic sand deposits that are available through our U.S. Bahamian partnership. Each deposit exhibits variations in oolitic grain size, aragonite content and color. Now available are characteristics such as a high coarse fraction of material between a 5 and 15 mesh sieve size (U.S.) historically used in the aquarium industry and in specialty applications in agriculture.

Grade 1

Grade #1 is from our highly spherical oolitic deposit with a mesh size from 20×90 mesh. This deposit also has a high aragonite content.

Grade 2

Grade #2 is a less spherical deposit that is finer in size 30×120 mesh.

Grade 3

Grade #3 is an angler material with minimal spherical content 30×160 mesh.

Grade 4

Grade #4 is a coarse angler 16×70 mesh.